DID YOU KNOW THAT...The term “reconnaissance” in military field refers to exploration of an area outside the borders of friendly territory, with the purpose of screening the surroundings and gathering informations about the enemy activities, the environment and the characteristics of the territory. Historically, reconnaissance responsibilities were entrusted ... Read More
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    Often the terms “marksman” and “sniper” get mixed up; both refer to operators skilled in precision shooting, equipped with high-precision rifles and tasked to shoot at enemy targets at long range. The main difference between the two lies in their role in the army; snipers usually operate either alone or within teams of very few people, and have independent mission objectives; their main task is usually hitting long distance ... Read More
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    World War I is considered the first “modern” war, due to the fact that many technological advancements in warfare were implemented during this conflict. One of the biggest innovations was definitely the introduction of radio communication. This type of technology was already in use prior the war, often used by ships transmitting messages with Morse code. The most crucial improvement allowed by the advancement of radio technology was the ... Read More
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